At the very outset, it is my proud privilege to greet every one associated with New Horizon Public School. Of late, I have been enquiring from a number of parents and guardians, when they had an option to make, then, why did they desire to seek admissions of their children and wards at New Horizon Public School. Their quick and spontaneous response was that they could not find another school with such modern and Islamic education under one roof going hand in hand, Alhamdullilah The academic, curricular, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities combined with the flavour of discipline, devotion and dedication with which the Management and teaching faculty is committed to take care of the welfare of the students, is commendable. The added blessing for us is that the School campus is surrounded by lush green environment, adding to the harmony of an echo friendly and a peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the city.

This is an age of achievement. Great men were not great when they were born nor when they started their career, but made themselves great by perseverance and learning, As once Leonardo Da Vinci the great Italian artist and scientist remarked "Iron rusts from disuse, stagnant water loses its purity and in the cold weather water becomes frozen; even so does inaction saps the vigour of the mind". This is what we try to aim at ....continuous learning by doing to stop and avoid the stagnation and growth of our students.

Our humble endeavour at New Horizon Public School has been to encourage and prepare our students, in every way to face the difficult challenges of today, boldly and whole heartedly.

I feel happy and proud to see my students and the teachers putting in their best efforts in all the spheres of education and bringing laurels to the institution .The Home production -Karwath..a musical tribute to the guardians of the nation, on the occasion of the 3rd Founders'Day of NHPS is a testimony to the talent available in the campus and the right kind of nurturing that is making all the difference. This issue of the NHPS mirror will give you a complete insight of the activities in the school campus.

I congratulate the Headmistress and the team of the dedicated teachers who have left no stone unturn in the grooming of the Horizonites.

Dear Parents, We gratefully acknowledge your trust and confidence deposed in us by giving us an opportunity to serve you and your children in a better way. Once again, I wish all the students, parents and guardians better cooperation and great success in the Year to come.


May Allah bless all of us and show us the right path.Ameen.
Best Wishes
Sultan Iqbal Chaudhary