General Guidelines for Parents / Guardians
Pay the fee in cash or by cheque, personally or through some reliable person directly to the school office during the office hours. The only proof of any payment made to the school for any purpose shall be the school receipt duly signed by the authorised person. DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH YOUR CHILD.
Parents should ensure that their children come to school in neat and clean school uniform. Continous default in this regard shall lead to a heavy fine.
Girls shall wear black shoes with buckles only. Boys shall wear black shoes with laces only. While attending the school and its functions, it is compulsory for the students to come in proper school uniform Including P.T.Ms.
Parents must send a duly self-signed letter if they wish their child to go home with a servant or any other person who is not his/her usual escort.
Parents (both mother and father) must visit and meet the teacher concerned as and when they are called for by the teacher through their child's diary and also on the day of the Parents-Teacher Meeting. Such visits will be made by the father and the mother of the child or the guardian of the child, (if he/she is not staying with his/her parents). Tutors will not be entertained.
Notice sent to the parents from time to time must be read properly, must be signed as a proof having read it and the instruction given therein should be complied with.
7. Its compulsory for all the students to carry their I-cards with them daily.
Children using their own transport should be dropped and picked up on time by parents. No Rickshaws, Three Wheeler, Private Van, Pooled Vehicle will be allowed.
Each child must bring a water bottle, tiffin box, napkin and a clean handkerchief daily to the school, the name of the child must be written clearly on the water bottle and tiffin box.
All books and notebooks must be kept properly and slips bearing the name and section of the child must be pasted on the outer cover of each book and notebook.
If your ward remains absent for three continuous days without information or leave application, his/her name may be liable to be struck off rolls, if no reasonable cause is shown for the same.
It is compulsory for all the students from clasess I to VIII to study Hindi and Urdu along with English.
It is imperative that the child converses only in English during the school hours. Therefore, please encourage the child to converse in English even at home.
You must monitor the neatness of handwriting and completion of home work of your child on a regular basis.
If your ward is absent on the first day of the session or on the first day after any holiday or vacation, a fine of Rs. 100 per day will be charged. Thereafter, Rule 11 mentioned above will apply.
Parents must not enter class rooms either to see their ward or to seek interview with the teachers during school hours. They can meet the teachers or the Principal on P.T.M. days or by an appointment, through their ward's school almanac.
When writing to the school on any matter, they should address it to the Principal and NOT to any person by name.
Parents are required to co-operate with the school's attempt to orient the child by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline and by talking interest in their child'swork.
Parents should check their ward's almanac averyday for the home-work or for any other instruction given. They are also advised to check their ward's bag to see if any circulas, invitation etc. has been issued.
They are required to timely inform the school, if there be any change in their address,telephone numbers or bus route.
Leave for half day should be avoided, as far as possible, for security reasons. In any emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal.
Children, when sick should not be send to school and a medical certificate to that effect shall be necessarily submitted upon resuming school.
Parents attention is drawn to fact that any criticism of a teacher of the school in the presence of their child causes the child to loose his/her respect for the teacher and will retard his/her progress. They must resist from doing so, in the interest of the child and the institution on the whole.
For security purposes, parents must not send their children to school along with expensive jewellery and money. The school will not take any responsibility for any loss resulting from it.
Parents should sign the progress report and return it on the scheduled date ,if the profile is lost/misplaced, a replacement of it will be made only after a payment of Rs. 100/- Duplicate T.C profile, Result sheet could be obtained against payment.
Parents should ensure that their ward does not bring any objectionable reading material, except for the school books and the note-books to school.
Parents should ensure that their ward does not bring MOBILE PHONE to school. It would be treated as serious breach of discipline, if done so.
Important Communication from the school is sent through SMS on the given mobile number of the parent/gurdian. It is obligatory on the part of the parent/gurdian to inform the school in writing regarding any change in their mobile number.
29. Parents should give their e-mail ID to received the latest circular and communication from the school.