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Transport :

  1. Transport for carrying children on specified routes will be available on payment.
  2. Transport expenses shall be payable for 11 months in each session.
  3. A written application by the parents has to be made for any change of bus or bus stop. No telephonic calls and verbal communication will be entertained in this regard. According to the request, the decision is at the sole discretion of the principal.
  4. Under no circumstances the parents are allowed to enter into any argument with the driver/conductor or teacher travelling in the bus. Any such instance will be sufficient cause for the withdrawal of bus facility besides inviting other disciplinary actions.
  5. Hired Rickshaws and vans are strictly prohibited on the routes where buses arranged by the school may be opening.
  6. Once arrangement has been made for a student to use the school bus and the same is not required at some later stage. In this regard three months notice must be given or in lieu there of three months transport charges must be paid. Once the notice is given, that the bus will not be required after a certain period, then they will not be allowed to use the school bus during the rest of the term even if it is required again.
  7. In case, the school transport is not availabe on the particular day due to the reasons beyond control, parents shall make their own arrangement to drop and pick up the children at their own cost.
  8. Diciplinary action will be taken if a student is found using the school transport without paying transport fee.
  9. The school shall not take any responsibility for any accident or mishap if it takes place during the period when the child travels in the school bus/vehicle or the bus/vehicle which is hired by the school for the transportation of the students. For security reasons the parents must make it a point to drop and pick up their ward from the bus stop. In case, somebody else is deputed by the parent to pick up their ward the school authorities must be informed it and an authority letter with signature and photograph of the guardian/escort must be sent along with the guardian. The school authorities will in any way be held responsible, if these norms are not adhered to.
  10. Children traveling by the School bus must carry their bus pass daily with them duly signed, dated and should be shown/produced on demand.
  11. Indisciplined behaviour in the school will render a student ineligible to use the school transport in future.
  12. Bus captains must help to maintain discipline and report any unusual incident to the transport in charge the very next day. Those students not opting for school transport can use their own vehicle but will not be allowed to use any hired vehicle. Usage of Rickshaw is strictly prohibited.